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Box Braids &Twists

Prices include the hair.

24 inch braiding hair is used

Prices vary for longer lengths.  

Please have your real

hair already washed

and blow-dried or stretched. 

$10 off for children under 12

  • Jumbo - $100

  • Large - $120

  • Medium - $140

  • Small - $160



Knotless Box Braids

Crochet Styles

Crochet styles are very versatile.  Hair used for the style can be wavy, straight, curly, kinky, twisted or braided. 


Depending on the Size, Style & type of crochet hair,  Prices vary from  $60 - $120

(does not include hair)    


There are various types of cornrows; feed-in, stitch, lemonade, ket, etc...Some styles are accompanied with box braids, others are styled into updo's.


Depending on size, style & length, prices vary from

$80 - $200  


Hair care and Styling

Wash & Blow-dry $20

Wash, Deep condition,

Blow-dry $30

Trim $20

Two Strand Flat-twists $35*

Two strand twists $50*

Flexi-rod set $40*

Perm rod set $40*

Cornrow or flat-twist hairstyles  $40 - $80* 


Up-do hairstyles   $30-$80​*

Full head of Beads add-on 

$10 - $30

*  To include wash, add $10

Sew-in weaves


With leave out, frontals or closures

$150 base price

Take down braids, twists, cornrows, etc.& Detangle

Small    $30

Medium $20

Large    $10


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